BNN: Hindu Zionist plot to avert Khilafah?

I have noticed BNN has been telecast regularly for the past several weeks. Previously, there were hardly any two consecutive weeks when BNN was shown, due to "breaking news", erupting farts, or other reasons. Coincidentally, the Chaudhry Brothers are absent from the show; one of them had played Khalid Butt, the other starred as Im-the-Dim.

There is a laugh track on the show now, and the show is now about as intelligent as Geo's other political satire show, and yes, I mean that as a supreme insult. Does anyone know what happened to cause what appears to be a split. I am hoping against hope there wasn't a Japanese woman involved. Mir would count as Jap ho.

Why would you even bother? but nice tags though.

........and speaking of tags, check this out.

^Sure, but I've seen P'stinian chicks, some are seriously hawt of body, when they're young. Is there a cure for the Hideous Hindustani Harridan that infests what was once British India? I fear only evolution intelligent design has the answer.

I guess its the genetics. Nothing else except to let evolution run its course that is, if evolution knows what it means to be purged. Meanwhile, bury your head in the sand cause its a very long course.