Bluetooth stereo

Salam guys i want to buy a stereo bluetooth for my samsung omnia i900 please give your suggestons the price should not be too high.Thanx

Honestly speaking stereo bluetooth headsets aren't really worth the cost. I have owned three Motorola ones (hs-820, s9, s9 hd) over the past few years and while the wireless aspect is very convenient, the sound quality just isn't very good. I used to be a big fan of BT headphones but only because I'm a gadget freak, if you're looking for quality you could spend that money buying a nice piece of Sennheiser headphones.

i saw 2 good ones SonyEricsson MW600 costs 6500,other is nokia BH-903 dont know price

also has CLI dont know its price.I am not sure if CLI function will work on phones other then nokia like mine omnia i900.