Bluetooth Coverage

hi friends.

I want to know how to increase the bluetooth capacity and coverage.

i ve bluetooth Kit for my pc but it collaborate with my cell on 70%.

and it ve difficulty to find my cell when my cell is on an other adjorning room

^ you cant do anythin to increase bluetooths range it is built for short range n slow communication

then what is the solution?

Wifi...... but it is too costly as compared bluetooth

Try putting USB dongle in front USB ports if you have these. Otherwise use a USB extension cable to place the USB dongle in a more open space. That should minimize signal attenuation.

Consider Wifi only if your phone supports it. Bluetooth services are not the same as Wifi. For example, you cannot transmit a picture from your phone to PC using Wifi ... while its a standard feature of bluetooth connection.

^ and also wifi consumes much more power compared to bluetooth