Bluetooth Challenger?

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A start-up called Ozmo Devices is taking on the popular short-range wireless technology Bluetooth with a new flavor of Wi-Fi.

On Monday, the Bay Area start-up, which has raised $12.5 million since 2005, officially introduced a new low-powered Wi-Fi chip and software that will allow device makers to connect accessories like headsets, computer mice, speakers, and keyboards to laptops, mobile phones, and other consumer electronics using Wi-Fi.

For laptop and device manufacturers, using Ozmo’s software means not having to include a separate Bluetooth radio in these devices to connect peripherals. With the Ozmo software installed on their devices, these manufacturers can simply use the Wi-Fi chips that already exist in laptops, gaming consoles, mobile handsets, and other devices.



i think it will take a few years to implement but it will be great coz WiFi is so much better than bluetooth speedwise and range wise

Few years for Pakistan? i dont think so. But in west it can be very few years.