Blue Colour Of Google AdSense (AdChoices)

Sometimes, it is really annoying when you publish ads on your website and then you realize that these have just ruined the look of your website. Recently, I have searched over internet to find some tweak, tool or gadget which could help me customizing Google ads in an easy way but the thing is risky. There is one pronounced trustworthy gadget ''Custom AdSense Ad Blocks'' by Joner Worm which can do work for you and have very positive reviews. One can also build his own personal gadget to customize the adsense, no problem. But risk is always there from the side of Google. They might blacklist you due to the act of altering slot.

Anybody, who can share his experience regarding customization of Adsense? Anyone?

Last I recall dabbling in that stuff (a couple years back), the ad interface in Google Adsense gave you options to customize the display of ads. Have those options been removed?

It is illegal to do any customization of Google Ads apart from the ones available by adsense itself. Why would you need to customize them anyways? They're pretty fine as they are. They don't have to be blue. You can change font/font size, and every color used in the ad minus the branding.

Yup you can change the look and feel of ads i.e., font size, color, etc. easily within your AdSense account settings but don't mess with the provided JavaScript code to alter the format in any way. It's illegal and will get your account banned.

Actually, there was some problem in template and it was unable to accept any changes. Now, it is fixed.

Blogger experience looks very old, Adsense provides variation and the way you customize your adds and can do it as your site blend. Thanks anyway for sharing your experience.