Blogspot's blog's url change

hey many of you guyz know about my blog i wanted to change its url to a one. how can i do tht in blogspot i know that there is the option available of custom domain in "publishin" but how can set it up?

actually AFAIK with those domains you can only redirect to your blog because they dont provide ns servers but i am not too sure provides nameservers service and simple frame redirection service

wel i ll advise u to transfer u blog to a separate hosting other than blog spot then you can easily get domain on it and also xplore hundreds of wordpres features which blogspot's or wordpress' own hosting dont give

wel i dont knw abt how to do the thing u askd cuz i dont knw their name servers i think u shud mail their suport or google it

if u want a webhost mail me i hav a fre hosting account with sum upgrades

well thanxx i know a few gud free hosts already... i didnt wanted to compltely switch to wordpress for this blog cuz it will take a lot of time to set it up and every thin... anyway thanxx for the tips ill c if i cud find blogspot's name server's if not than surely ill switch 2 wordpress...

just go to


switch to Custom Domain

hopefully this is what you are looking for?

oki i found out the blogger's name server its but i tried domain on it but it doesnt work i waited atleast a day but no changes ocurd...