Blockchain scope in Pakistan

Can any one discuss the future of blockchain in Pakistan the job opportunities it can provide, or maybe it’s scope in freelancing?


For any such technology, we are adopters, not producers due to unsuitable fiscal and regulatory environment.

Therefore, its much more prudent to look what is happening abroad about such technologies and maybe exploiting opportunities (inclusive of freelancing) there.

It will only come here once it is inevitable for the civil bureaucracy and security establishment to avoid it due to wide adoption abroad thereafter leading to a period of regulated control over it. If someone sensible come along after it, it would be deregularized for general use.

Not just in Pakistan but it has scope all over the world and in freelancing as well.
My Suggestion
Blockchain is not that easy to learn its takes lots of efforts if u have interest in any field than go for it if its halal . Scope depends on your skills not on specific field.