Blinking/Falshing screen, need help!

Hello guys,

I m having this issue every time i start my computer my screen blinks for a few times and then settles, sometimes it starts flashing again after 15min or so…

I have updated the display driver but that didn’t helped. I m using Asus P5K-VM, onboard G33 graphics, coolermaster 460w psu.

Can any one tell me what is the issue or should I claim the warranty of the mobo and will they entertain the warranty with such issue?


Are you sure the issue is not with your display? Try using some alternative display.

^Yeah I think I m sure b/c i have tested the monitor on other computer it didn't gave such problem,btw i think it is b/c of the graphics chip worming up or something b/c it only flashes repeatedly after startup, Although it sometimes flashes once or twice after 15min or so.