Blackberry Internet Service


Is there any network offering Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) on prepaid?


Yes. Both Zong and Ufone offer it. Charges are:

Ufone - Rs. 1075 (inclusive of tax)

Zong - Rs. 1195 (inclusive of tax)

How do i activate it?

what about normal unlimited EDGE packages? are they available on prepaid? Couldn't find anything on the networks' websites.

normal edge package won't work, must use BIS.

Was just on Telenor's website where it says that Internet browsing is still suspended on Blackberry Internet Service. Considering that I think it is a total waste of money spending roughly 1100 per month and getting only email and IM free. I would ditch Blackberry, go for a normal handset and subscribe to an edge package.

Browsing will work with third party browsers , like Bolt , Opera Mini , but ya still some apps wouldn't work .

Yes. Browsing will work on blackberry with third party browsers like Opera Mini and Bolt. Currently typing this post from my Blackberry 8310 on Bolt.

Unlimited edge internet is available on all providers. Ufone has it for Rs. 500 exlusive of tax which has a limit of 1.5 gb I guess. Its better that you opt for Zong's 2GB package which is for Rs. 200 only.

@ akbard

You can activate it by calling the call centre or visiting the customer service centre. You must have a balance of at least the amount of charges of BIS to get it activated.

Don't invest much in a Blackberry. If you want it just for the qwerty keypad then at maximum buy a 8310/8320 (You can get a 8310 for around 7k in good condition) which will be great for messaging and you can use internet with a third party browser. You cannot use other apps without a BIS, so its useless to invest much in Blackberry.