Blackberry Baby Curve - Need Product Info

Hey wpers hope u all are doing fine. I want to know about this product 'baby curve' by blackberry. I have been offered this product new box pack for about 1200 Saudi riyals, the seller knows nothing about the product except for the fact that its calleed bb baby curve. I've searched google and there seems to be quite a few bb curves around but cant make out which one is actually 'baby curve'.

If anyone can help me here, i will be very pleased :)

good day.

There is no official Blackberry called 'baby curve'. He probably doesn't know what he's talking about. Ask him for the model number. It will be on the box and he can't say he doesn't know it. If he does say that, he might be trying to scam you.

yes, finally he worked it out, its bb curve 8250.

now need to find what is the price in Pakistan.