Blackberry and Ufone Prepay

So, Im a little confused.

If I bought a blackberry and used a Ufone PrePay sim, would I still be able to avail blackberrys services (over GPRS?), like the Blackberry messenger etc?

Or are those things confined to official blackberry services that I would have to buy a postpaid package for?

Thanks in advance.

You need to signup for the Blackberry service.

They offered something for prepay also, but i think its not there now.

GSM carriers are unable to activate data plan service on unlocked blackberry phones. There is a trick to use GPRS?EDGE on unlocked blackberry phone with prepaid sim card ). The default BB browser is locked to original carrier and it isnt gonna work.ork. Simply ,you need to install Opera mini browser on your BB handheldand and boom. I have tested it on Ufone but it doesnt work. Its working on warid prepaid sim card.

I have a question from you guys. I am planning to buy a Blackberry 8320 and unlock it. Will Ufone EDGE work on it? After installing Opera Mini? Has anybody tested this? Many people are saying that it would not work.

I had bought BB from KSA and Ufone activated BB services free of charge for 1 month, no problems at all.

BTW I am using Ufone Postpay, but i didnt like the GPRS speed and had to unsubscribed BB services from Ufone

Ufone only offer BB service with Post Paid connections, some other providers I have heard that do provide it with Pre Paid connections too.

Also there have been some restrictions by PTA on BB service at the time FaceBook PK closure and many apps do not work any more, browsing do not work same way any more as well, although I have rarely used FB app on BB but its not working either along with other Apps except Email service which I mainly use and thus still paying keeping the BB service. Ufone support say its form PTA and they can't do anything. Hearing rumors of more restrictions/closure of BB service in PK soon like UAE , though its just word of mouth so can't sure if its true.

With PrePay connection few things should work, Email with some third party app and browsing with some third party browsers.

@rnathbatra , I have BB curve 8320 , I will test it on another prepay sim on weekend and will try to update here how it goes when I get a chance.

Thanks Riz. Please do and update me whenever you get time.

Well rnathbatra , the BlackBerry phone pretty much suck without BlackBerry service, I did some testing and its waste of time, so basically the bottom line is

"if you do not plan to buy BlackBerry service and pay around 1k per month for that then Do Not buy a Blackberry phone",

buy instead some other good smart phone that can do most of stuff on normal Edge service.

Hmmm...Thanks Riz. Well then, i am gonna put it on hold for some time. Will buy it after some time as ICAP is offering 30% discount to members on a BIS with Ufone. So it costs Rs. 675 to an ICAP member which is pretty good!

Just to update with my experience. I yesterday bought a Blackberry 8310 which is unlocked from a Rogers Network (Mexico, I think). I can easily use internet with Opera Mini and other third party apps but the Blackberry Browser and Internet does not work of course. I am on Ufone Prepay by the way.