Black Berry Banned

Black berry is banned in UAE and KSA. And also in some organiations in Pakistan. The research in Motion (Rim) technology used for networking has a great level of security and the governments are unable to encrypt there security system. So the data cannot be observed by the governments. So KSA and UAE are banning it in their countries while it is banned partially in Pakistan.

get ready to buy cheap blackberry from Dubai after the ban :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL no security for security

I think its a wise decision..for the govts that is..

Businesses are really gonna be worried from now on since they know now that govts will be monitoring all private top secret business talks


lol dude.. blackberry aint giving it up.. so right now its not Businesses who need to worry...

Why are they picking on blackberry specifically? Encrypted email communication has been around for ages but they don't bother to ban that.

^ I believe the problem is not just that the data is encrypted. More that all the data is routed through RIM's servers in Canada (and some other places), so its outside the countries where they offer their services.

^That's true to me as well.

If I add something to it what I think then It's the consciousness of the Govt if they believe that data and the information local to its country is not secure residing outside of the country. I would favor it because personally I also won't believe if RIM says to me that my data is secure at their place, I would have a doubt(at any level) that they are really not revealing my information to their own security firms. After All they are U.S.A.. & Canada

After watching the video on CNN's website, I guess they would have this issue solved with a workaround.

^ is canadian...the RIM campus is on the next street from where i live! :P

And I don't buy the whole 'security' bs. Think internet. Think all your country's data routed through god knows which servers in the world. I doubt a lot of content is hosted in Middle East!

^ Yes! ofcourse RIM's Canadian from root. But I guess their relations in the US security agencies would just be the same as with the ones within the US itself.

Second. Yes, it's almost like that all around with respect to any other department of technologies including internet traffic and data. But I think RIM holds primary authority alone to its customer's data, no other server or company co-operate with them.

And Instead of being specific to the UAE-RIM issue or with the Internet where the data is hosted, I guess it's not bad speaking for our intention to our security for our own purposes. There should be common policies to respect every individual's confidentialities to hold data secure with the full satisfaction of the owners. That's why I feel not bad if UAE is making an objection on the RIM's policies, it shows their intention to their privacies and confidentiality. One does have a right to do that.

What ever it is, forget about it. but you should keep an eye on them to not revealing any information to third parties. :P Keep an eye on your Neighbor.

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^ Ummm…no…RIM is canadian…the RIM campus is on the next street from where i live! :P

And I don’t buy the whole ‘security’ bs. Think internet. Think all your country’s data routed through god knows which servers in the world. I doubt a lot of content is hosted in Middle East!


these Gulf oil rich countries can never be business friendly, they have primitive mindset, everyday they wake up and come up with some stupid law, ban skype, ban blackberry and ban what not, well they might be able to enslave Indians and Pakistanis, Bangladeshi and may be philipini workforce but when its gonna come to American, European or far eastern (Japanese, south Korean, Taiwanese, Singaporean and Chinese) these dumb gulf arabs gonna get their ass kicked.

its global economy every country is dependent on something from some other country and vice-versa, in order for citizen of any country to compete in business in this day and age has to have trouble free access to voice and data communication, such primitive mindset when you don’t know the next day you may or may not be able to communicate with your client/supplier/business colleague etc in some other part of the world due to some stupid government ban, then it is scary thought for any businessman. so place like Dubai can never be Singapore.