I'm not so good in explaining things but the piece of "HTML" code may explain every thing.

<form name="Form1" action="file:///D|/Apache%20Group/Apache2/htdocs/bise/resultsscsup10.phpbise/resultsscsup10.php" method="Post"


                             status" onSubmit="return createTarget(this);" > </pre><p> </p><p><strong>action="file:///D|/Apache%20Group/Apache2/htdocs/bise/resultsscsup10.phpbise/resultsscsup10.php/</strong></p>

^ You may not be very good at explaining things, but at least attempt to explain why you are posting random HTML code from a random website which probably most people haven't heard about. Why do we care?

The website "" is the official website of Lahore Board and mostly people have heard about it sah. The code represent an error on website which anybody can understand which have little knowledge of HTML. The purpose of this code is to highlight the mistake done by

The error is using


will work correctly instead of using full path which may risk there website security and also this code will not work as its purpose is to return results when someone enter there ROLLNO in text field and then submit but browser will submit data to this url file:///D|/Apache%20Group/Apache2/htdocs/bise/resultsscsup10.phpbise/resultsscsup10.php/ which will not work on user computer.