Bike Gear Problem

Hello Everyone,
I'm facing a problem with my bike,It's gear gets hard/stuck whenever i try to either put a gear or remove a gear
I have tried to lower the speed,Wait for gear to get normal but all in vain the gear was still stuck,My engine oil is changed , my bike is NEW*(only 2800km covered).Can you people tell me what is the problem with my bike?


Few possible causes

1) Check engine oil level. Fill in if necessary. In a bike, the engine oil also serves as a gear oil.

2) Check if idle RPM is high. Adjust to normal level.

3) The clutch cable may be needing adjustment.

4) Sometimes the gear change level slips off it's shaft and the left foot peddle causes a blocked movement for the gear lever.

5) Worst case, something wrong inside the gear box which may need the engine to be removed and opened for inspection.

Probably time for a warranty claim if it is still under warranty.

Time for a warranty claim if bike is still under warranty.

Which bike is it?

If it's in warranty, get it checked and serviced under warranty.

Ijaz Ahmed Thanks i will get it checked.

<span><a href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/user/17-asad/" title=""><span>Asad</span></a> Thanks i will think about that. </span>


The problem is solved!The problem was in me i was not understanding the concept of clutch but now i have understood the concept of clutch i.e when to hold clutch , when to put up a gear.Another thing that i did was the i never shifted the gear from 1st or 2nd gear and i think that was causing the problem also.


farhan_ds :confused: Farhan i have sent you a PM reply to that.