Beware Software Developers

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Code sloppily, pay the price; or as a source puts it "It really appears like Carrier IQ got screwed by HTC."

Cautionary lesson to programmers: code sloppily and it may cost your business dearly.

One line of code, presumably authored by HTC Corp. (TPE:2498) appears to have been the spark that ignited a wave of press and public hysteria regarding smartphone privacy invasions and a world of woes for HTC, a small telemetry company called Carrier IQ, and Carrier IQ's numerous industry partners.


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-They (HTC) must have some bad QA i such an error passed out..unless the developers were south asian..

-So who do think is to blame?

No matter how much I try not to do sloppy code but when coding at fast speed, few lines of sloppy code happens no matter what. However, Carrier IQ's problem is more than sloppy code. They intentionally screwed everybody and now they are finding other things to blame their bad deeds.

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