Best Working DNS Servers?

kindly share here and also how to check whether a dns server is working or not ?

JazakAllah in Advance :)

Once i called ptcl help line and they picked(the only time they recieved my call).I was having some issues and the operator asked me to put hte following DNS server



For some time they worked owesome but now these servers start to suck!

Google DNs and Open DNS would be obviously best!

But for the current time i am using auto obtain settings.

these are some other dns servers

you can check for your self which is the best.

@ahmsun an addition to ur list...

For me ptcl defaults one works good.

go for only google dns....

Works good for me..

once i called to PTCL and they made me configure my modems DNS to open DNS...i was lyk wat da %$&..but i always get OKAY browsing through default DNS

In my Case auto Dns primary and secondary r both Dead

after very long search i found is as best dns

latency is also very low

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Works good for me…


me using same…best so far