Best USB Dongle / Wingle Device in Pakistan

Who is offering the most cost effective, best speed and reliable usb internet device in Pakistan.

I voted for PTCL Wingle.

Reason: Its only for Rs. 1250 for 25 GB (enough for me). Wateen used to be Rs. 1750.

Never used others.

If Zong is offering 4G service in your area, then it is the best in terms of speed. The price is okay (24 GB -- Rs. 1500 per month). A lot depends on the availability of 4G if one is always on the move as 4G is only available in major cities; even the coverage is patchy within cities.

PTCL's Evo works everywhere. Good option for roaming. But you don't always get good speed.

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PTCL’s Evo works everywhere. Good option for roaming. But you don’t always get good speed.


it “works” everywhere but would you consider 0.5mb speeds usable? i used evo for about a year and the speeds were inconsistent to say the least.

Zong 4G is the Best one

those who want high speed and can pay 1500/2500 monthly can select 4G ZONG. its best

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All wingle and mifi available.

Eventually I left out the ptcl EVO (I used it for years) and went for Zong. Zong proved very good.