Best type of paint for interior masonry walls

There are many different types of paint products for interior walls which to choose that gives best look and durability

Depends on your preferences. If you're asking for a brand then i recommend Berger. If you're asking for a type then i suggest Glossy. If you're asking for a color then you could try some variant of Seagreen...

Do Barger has primer as well?

ICI is the best durable and quality brand by all standards in pakistan.. they have interior, exterior paints, with wide variety of oil based to water based, to washable and a huge color range.

Nippon has the biggest color range as they will make you ANY COLOR you want on the spot with their color dispensor machine on nipon dealor shops.. also their quality is great..Nippon is expensive though.

Master Oil paints have great gloss.. ICI dont have that much gloss..Master and berger interior paints are almost equal in colors and gloss and appearances.

Master paint is best , my house was painted 3 year back with plastic emulsion of master paint , still looks fresh and easy clean able with wet cloth.... you should go with master ......

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Do Barger has primer as well?


Yes they do. You can check their website for all relevant details.

ICI is the best , when you ask most painters they will recommend GOBIs Paints or any brand which has token

Painters/contractors these day are # 1 crooks. tell them you will buy all the material and you will just pay them labour.

currently the rate for a good painter daily rate is 1000 per day

Hello friends! Please advise what is the best solution?

I had chosen Gobi's paint for a darker color. It went horribly bad as the color faded and stains appeared on walls after a year. When we want to remove stains with wet cloth it got worst. I am unable to find any solution but to go for new paint. What paint brand should I select and what is the right procedure to do the ideal job! Thanks in advance for all pals!



Have the paint scraped-off with a 'paTTi' (if there has been

seepage). Then if there are any cracks, or holes in your walls,

the painter will use a paTTi to dig them out, like a dentist, and

then fill them up with putty. Or better yet use 'Pigeon Crack

Filler' to seal the cracks as well. Then with a 'batti' and/or

'raigmaal' he will smooth-out the surface that needs a fresh

coat of paint. Feel the walls with your hand. The wall should

feel smooth-as-silk, BEFORE any paint goes on it.

Depending upon the colour there before (dark, light) he will

have to deploy 1-2 (or more coats) of paint. Use a respected

brand, like Dulux, ICI, etc. If you have children, or the area

gets dirty frequently, like a kitchen, a better option would be

to go for ENAMEL, rather than EMULSION. You can clean

the oil-based enamel with a wet cloth with ease. Or you can

paint walls 4-5 feet from the ground in enamel, and then rest

of the wall, in the same colour, but in emulsion (like we did).

But first make sure the company sells the SAME colour in

both Emulsion and Enamel! :)

Sheikh 'Been There, Done That' Chilli

Greatly obliged! Sheikh_Chilli!

It was dark orange (don't know the exact name of the color) emulsion that's why stains resulted after trying to clean the surface with a bleach/ detergent dipped cloth. A mistake.

I am going to repaint with light color enamel on it now! Tied with ICI and Gobi's.

Painters say that I would need may be bit extra quantity of ICI as compared to Gobi's. Hence the cost factor might not be the huge one. Still think that choosing ICI would be good option.