Best tv series

okay buddies... i need some help... you know that everytime you watch a new good series it overtake the other ones in favourites... it happened when i started to watch tv series with smallville a long time ago... then watched friends and scrubs and it became the favourite..then came coupling.... then lost... then 24.. then prison break... then heroesnow the best one is dexter which actually is superior to all of them...

now can anyone give me an idea what series to watch next as i will be following up to the above mentioned seires but the season breaks are long and i have nothing to download and my 1mb connection is going to waste... help me plz guyz... something new and good enough to match the above mentioned series although i doubt anything is better than dexter(if you haven't watched it then you are missing the best series of all times maybe).... i did watch desperate house wives but after the first season it seriously lost its charm... what about house or gray's anatomy?? heard that 4400 is good too... thx

I'm a big fan of the Stargate SG-1 series. Family guy is great too.

Heroes all the way

battlestar galactica




the 4400 > heroes

trek series (all except "enterprise")

My name is Earl


Prison Break

How i met your mom




Prison Break



House MD


Battlestar Galactica


How i met your mother


Big bang theory[new]


South Park

Pushing Daisies[new]

Ugly Betty

Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles[new]


Jerry Springer is a good tv show :D

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Jerry Springer is a good tv show :D

beep beep beep beepbeep

Alot of warning signs but its a good show :D

lost (drama action)

prison break (drama action)

heroes (drama action)

life as we know it (teen, drama, comedy)

FRIENDS (super dooper comedy)

Scrubs (comedy)

Becker (comedy)

Family Guy (suped comedy)

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Jerry Springer is a good tv show :D

:mad: man i would puek if i ever saw that show again :mad:

all they ever talk abt is wife cheatin, husband cheatin, even the effing kids on da show r in born gangsta, gay, gay, and sum more gay

never ever see that show man. discusting

wana see those beep signs watch sum other thins man ;)

I do watch only for enjoyment,it has completed 17 seasons :D (hehe)



and if you into sitcoms watch Seinfeld. I used to thought that friends is the best sitcom in the world but Seinfeld is much much better.