Best Schools in lahore

Hi All, I am looking for a school for my 4 year old son. I want to know about the best schools in town. I am in Saddar area, Lahore and looking for a school where primary language is english and curriculum must be that which leads towards Cambridge IGCSE. Please advise

LAS elementary school⊂=7

depends on how much u can spend monthly! most of the Cambridge cultured school are expensive but they do give out gud performance....Above mentoined school will lead ur kid to American high school system not GCSE....the gud names in this stream is of Beacon house, Lahore Grammar School, National Grammar School, Aitchson College, Crescent Model High school Shadman.....but most ov all ur budget counts alot..!

lahore grammar school and beaconhouse

And do anybody knows the Fee structure for class I at beaconhouse or LGS. What about National grammer school and Few christian schools?

National Grammar School is a gud school indeed...this school is on upper mall junior branch and O/A-levels in Liberty Campus....

I have studied at National Grammar(Very Good), St.Anthony's College (BAD) , and Lahore Grammar (The BEST).

no doubt beacon house and LGS are the best....! hey which grade u studied in NGS?

1997-99 i think 2nd to 5th grade.

My family's new to Pakistan and my younger brothers go to LGS. They pretty much have the best facilities (i.e English curriculum, sports grounds, heated swimming pools, air conditioned classes).