Best Saving Account Options in Pakistan

almost every day i go through many sites and google different keywords to find out saving options available in Pakistan but so for 0% success and on top of that which is worst case bank's own web site don't any calculator for saving or any figures.

so my questions?

i have about 40,00,000 Rs. which i would like to put in some saving account otherwise they are sitting in my current account and doing nothing.

can some one please point me to right direction which bank is offering high profit?

and i heard some where National Saving (or Quomi bachat) but i think they are not for people age like me 25-30

any help would be much appreciated.

With the current rate of inflation and devaluation of the Pakistani rupee, you should not keep it in a savings account. Consider buying an asset like land.

ooh man i bought one and dont really want to go that route.

long story short i m not in Pakistan and i'll be coming back in Pakistan in 1 to 2 years time and till them i want to put this money in some saving account. and about rupee devaluation we can not do anything about it.

on my return i want to buy house there and make it home for rest of my life with my sweet wife :)

^ If you put your money in a savings account then you're essentially throwing your money away. Reason being inflation and devaluation of the rupee combined reduces its value by 10-15% per year. No savings account will give you a higher rate of return than that. Buying land is probably the most secure way to protect your money in Pakistan.

well thanks sah, but i dont know why but i dont feel easy with land investment.

Convert to Euro or USD and then put it in Dollar/Euro Savings Account.Best option imo if you don't want to buy land.

^ If you want to take that route you may want to talk to an experienced forex trader who could give a reasonable prediction of the major currency values going up or down in the next 1-2 yrs. It'd suck if you convert your rupees to dollars/euros and those currency take a nose dive!

i just converter them from euro to pk RS. (mean transfer to my brother's account)

Well then the question is why'd you convert it to rupees when you're not going to use the money for two yrs!

coz i send money to Pakistan through bank, so bank in Pakistan deal in Rs. and first i thought to move back home withing one or two month but now i changed my mind so i'll be moving in next two years. (just saving to buy house in Pakistan)


if u want your money to get something in the near future, then convert it in to EURO or POUND STERLING. inflation is already touching the 20-23% mark. and don't invest it into property that you intend to sell later on. decreased liquidity has already caused a 20-25% depreciation in the real estate market.

my case is different. i have 15 lacs, that i intend to invest in Defence Saving Certificates for a period of 10 years. after that period i am optimistic to get almost 45 lacs @12.5% interest rate. don't know though how much that going to value after 10 years. moreover, everyone can invest in National Savings. further details are available at


ask abbas and he will say invest in gold which is quite good IMO

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ask abbas and he will say invest in gold which is quite good IMO

yup, Abbas is the official business consultant of WP :P he’ll give you wise advise.

what i can help you with my limited knowledge regarding is by telling you that even though property value is depreciating along with the Rupee’s value. But its still way better to invest in some property like sah suggested caz with the rate of inflation we’re facing, you wont get much outta the saving account schemes here.

Who knows the value of Rupee might go down 25% in the next year, now i’m sure no bank here is offering 25% annual profit anyway, and even if they did, with a annual 25% assumed depreciation, your 25% profit will hardly do more than just to cancel out any losses and you’ll end up having gained nothing more than you had a year ago. Now since most of the banks are offering around 10% annual profits (?), it’d be a huge risk to take.

Better invest in property.

Legal Note:(i’m not suggesting you the saving account’s way anyway as its forbidden in Islam and you’ll be answerable for any such decision you might take)

I suggest a foreign currency saving account :P .. They offer profits like 1-3% p.a. (3.5 on GBP I think) but that's not why it's good. It's a good option because most of the currencies of developed countries are very stable. I wish I had saved all my saving in GBP or even USD.

Before doing that, cross your fingers and hope that the current government doesn't freezes foreign currency accounts.


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well i rang to my brother and ask to buy some land and about euro to rupee conversion already lost around 200000 Rupee coz of euro price rise so i also ask my brother to open euro account where i'll sending money in future.

so right now what i came to final after all this discussion,

i m going to buy some land cost around 15lkh

and then reminder of that which is 25lkh going in my brother's business and pray for best and about Abbas post, bro u r right about profit from bank but here in europ nothing works without bank and in uk there are few shareya bank but not in this country where i m now. thanks for advice its really nice to talk with you guys.

Yes, you should definately open Foreign currency account so next time when you wire money to pakistan make sure you wire it in your forieng currency account then it will remain in Foreign currency and bank will not convert it.I myself lost 2 Lac becuase of Dollars now i keep everything in foreign currency account.

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Before doing that, cross your fingers and hope that the current government doesn’t freezes foreign currency accounts.

Asad…why government freeze foreign currency account?