Best Satellite TV Options In Karachi

As you all probably know by now, PEMRA was directed by the Supreme Court during the last week of August to ban all channels which did not have landing rights in Pakistan. This has been implemented by all cable ops in the country, as far as I know, because they have been notified that failure to comply will result in serious penalties for operators.

This ban has resulted in a blackout of all foreign entertainment channels such as OSN, BBC Entertainment, MBC and others. I don't care about indian channels at all. It appears that this ban will remain imposed for a long time to come which would mean that switching over to satellite TV is the only remaining option for the general public and anyone who wants access to these channels.

As I've never purchased a satellite dish before, I would like to know what the best option is which would give me access to the maximum number of English entertainment channels, some of which are mentioned above. What are the associated monthly and installation costs? Any other advice, do share. Please provide as much info as per your personal experience as possible for the benefit of others interested in this topic.

Many thanks!

Thanks for sharing! :)

My information is about a year old. So current prices may be a

little off.

If you are interested in TaTa Sky package (indian channels), you

can visit Regal (Karachi) and there is at least one shop which can

hook you up (pardon the pun). It is an expensive package up front

(tens of thousands for the hardware) and then the monthly install-

ments are about double of what you pay WorldCall (Rs. 600/month).

Most of the channels on TataSky will be indian (or indian based).

If you are interested in European channels (French, Polish, English,

some middle-eastern and American), you will need to go with the

8 foot satellite dish, LNB (Low Noise Block, which receives the low

signals from far away satellites), a digital satellite receiver and a

long enough co-axial cable.

The 8 foot fiber glass satellite dish costs Rs.4,500-5,000/. The LNB

costs Rs.500/. For a satellite receiver, you can do well enough with

an Echolink, which costs Rs.2,800/. Everything is available in the

local markets. So with around Rs. 8,500-9,000/ you can be in business,

with nothing to pay thereafter.

Of course, folks on the other side know what you are up to and they

encrypt the movie channels. To beat that, you need electronic "keys".

You use these keys to free-up, or unlock these movie channels. They

are made available on the internet. Unfortunately, they only work

for a short time, if that, and then you have to look for another working

key. So in short, you are going to turn into a hound, forever chasing

keys on the net.

I will end by saying that WorldCall has resumed it's regular channels

and (until the next outage or tantrum), we are good to go.




Sheikh 'Dedicated To johnny98, Bro In Arms' Chilli

Thanks for the info Sheikh!

Luckily (or unluckily) I'm only interested in English channels. No interest whatsoever in indian crap. It's good to know that you can get a satellite dish installed all the necessary equipment in around 10K. That's quite reasonable. At the same time, it's quite unfortunate to find out that even after purchasing all the necessary equipment, one would still need to be able to get uninterrupted access to entertainment. Having to look for keys online is not something I would like to make a hobby of. I would rather pay a monthly fee to be able to watch the channels I want to watch without having to worry that they will soon be blocked.

Is there some sort of arrangement which makes this possible? Back in Saudi I remember people used to watch various channels including sports channels on decoders and they used to get cards to unencrypt them. Is something like that available here in Karachi? There must be a way, other than searching for keys on the internet as if you're looking for software serial numbers.

As for WorldCall's resumption of its usual channels, that is indeed great news. Unfortunately, I've been without WC for the last 10 days (forced to use local cable from neighbor thanks to WC's complacency and incompetence). WC staff visited my apartment at least three times, including a maintenance team, and said the cable had dropped from the pole and they would fix it in "a couple of days". No luck yet!

So are you saying all the digital channels which were taken off air during the last week of August, including all movie, comedy, sports and all other entertainment channels are back? If so, when did this happen?

I don't see any of those channels on KCS network. I wonder how WC was able to unblock those channels, even though it's good to hear that they have done so.

I have heard that there is a 4Ft and 6Ft Dish also available with limited channels including GEO, Express, PTV and few other pakistani channels, Correct?

johnny98, there is only one bird u can go for which suites exactly what u want. i.e Nilesat. There are 3 sats on the same location and they contain the 2 famous packages OSN and ADD plus all those FTA movies and series channels like MBC and Fox. In Karachi you can get these sats easily on 6 feet dish.

Now the tricky part, to get those two packages you need either a legal subscription with the help of a relative living in ME which will cost you alot or use illegal card sharing method. There are some pros and cons for CS. It depends on server to server. There are many freely available server but they are a headache coz channels freeze alot on those servers due traffic load.

Those key finding days are almost over. CS is the alternative to it. You get the keys on your door step direct from a legal subscription card. :)

Cardsharing is an option but it will be quite hard for him to get familiar with.As far as the server is concerned Maldivian digital provides good cardsharing server but you have to pay them or you have to be a regular user of their forum.No doubt they provide good packages like Nova,orbit,MCK(gone),Dialogtv,tata,dishtv,Skyitilia,hotbird full.etc etc etc.

Thanks for the info guys! It's a pity that one has to go through this much trouble even after installing expensive equipment just to get a few good entertainment channels.

But I was wondering, if an individual needs to go the cardsharing or regular sbuscription route, how are all these cable operators able to show all these channels without any interruption any blockages/freezing? Surely, there must be a way. I'm sure no cable op in this country, no matter how big or small, would be willing to pay the subscription fee for OSN or other networks just so that they can get these channels to their subscribers. Or would they?

If not, how do they manage to get these channels at their end?

There are some encryption system which can be shared/split like Irdeto (DSTV). One card between 10-15 decoders via a special splitter. so u get 10-15 channels with one legal card. Thats what cable ops used to use when DSTV was available. They surely use legal decoders with annual subscription.

As far as CS is concerned most of the cable ops dont use CS due to the freezing thing but One can use this method to share one card privately means locally. Thats what most of the cable ops do.

So no matter what method they but YES Cable ops do spend lacs on their setup due to the heavy subscriptions for several packages/channels they can afford it but not an individual.

^rightly said. Cable operators can afford to buy legal subscriptions such as star tv package which has every channel marriage with its respective card. So they are a bit bounded to pay for each and every channel they get but for packages such as multichoice or osn these cable operators use a device that allows them to purchase a single subscription and make dummy cards for remaining receivers. Dummy cards of remaining receivers get signal from that original card and bingo. That one single subscription cost these cable operators around 15000 - 30000 for three months (used to be for mutichoice) which you can see is way toooooo expensive for an individual. I would recommend you to go for card sharing cauz its the cheapest solution otherwise legal card thingy is out of way seriously. Worldcall digital cable is giving around 10 to 12 channels from card sharing thing and most of the channels are running fine. Yup freezing is the most annoying thing and sometimes specially watching a movie it really frustrates me. I am myself planning to go for card sharing cauz there is nothing left to see after both multichoice and osn gone forever.

Now a days cable operators also opt for card sharing ehh :D Mostly 13 and 25 degree hotbird is covered via sharing by them.. Freezing also depends on the receiver.Freezing mostly occurs on echolink receivers.

^^^yes it does coz these receivers use serial cable to communicate with pc. whereas dreambox can be connected direct to a lan.

From the info that you guys have shared, I think it's safe to conclude that it's just too much fuss to get a satellite dish installed for personal use considering that most if not all the channels that one would like to have access to are readily available via cable ops (unless the Supreme Court or PEMRA intervenes). The freedom one would want in terms of the channels available for viewing and the ability to get more channels is seriously diminished by the fact that you can't get the desired level of access either because it's too costly or because of the lengthy procedures you would have to go through.

In other words, in this time and place (i.e. Karachi), it's useless to even think about getting a dish installed. Nevertheless, this is useful info which might come in handy if someone decides to get one.

just get Dreambox.... two or three dishes according to your channels need... and a internet connection.

thats it....

you can get share channels link.. which cost you 5000 per year... We technical wording u will get ccam link..

basically A single card is share through internet which allow you to watch channels of your choice.

for my guideness u can check out pakistani satelite forum just google it. on this site u can also get

free ccam link

^ Yup true :-)

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

just get Dreambox… two or three dishes according to your channels need… and a internet connection.

thats it…

you can get share channels link… which cost you 5000 per year… We technical wording u will get ccam link…

basically A single card is share through internet which allow you to watch channels of your choice.

for my guideness u can check out pakistani satelite forum just google it. on this site u can also get

free ccam link


yep its bit difficult in start but when u have complete setup you’ll never go back to the old cable. 2 or 3 dishes are not necessory just one dish at nilesat is enough for you. you can even get a dreambox with sharing software preinstalled from a sat shop with monthly fee. all you need to do is to just connect LNB and LAN to the receiver and you are good to go.

Nilesat is only receivable in most parts of the sindh.Man just tune it to Nova,orbit,ABSAT on 13-25 hotbird and NSS6 95 degree for dishtv .. You won't need anything else :D

^^he is from karachi thats why i suggested him nilesat. hotbird is available in karachi on 10 feet dish and still many frequencies missing.

how can in pakistan we get All American tv channels?

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how can in pakistan we get All American tv channels?

That would be so awesome but i doubt if we can catch them…maybe thru the net!!!