Best place to sell Digital products?

I was wondering what is the best marketplace on internet for selling some digital creations. The points I am interested in are;

  • Lowest commission of the marketplace itself
  • Biggest customer base
  • High product visibility
  • Low minimum payout requirements
  • and choice of many payout options

The background for this question is that I wish to sell some scripts/programs I made initially for my own personal use, but now I think they might be worth some bucks for other users.

there is no BEST market place for canot have an Ebay or craig list for Services.. Granted Craig list is mostly services, including kidnapping, drug selling and contract killers, but IT has little potential for scripts selling over there..

there are quite a few java and C forums with service providers for a fee.. usually the consumers posts their demands and they get offers from people like yourself if they can do their work for them..on an agreeable paypal based transaction.

most of the people i know have been doing this for Php and HTML 5 based work on wed designing and server management..

you can search for them online in many forums.. but you must have a suitable international accepted payment method..

i may be wrong, but i dont think our local market has potential for such services, when majority of them advertise " 3000 men apni jadeed website banwaye aur ghar bethe lakhon kamayen"..

Well the difference here is that I do not intend to offer 'services' in any case because I am not looking for 'work'. Think of this as a home-made product already made and finalized that I want to sell in some sort of market.

One very good such place that I found is envato which operates a number of online marketplaces like activeden, themeforest and codecanyon, and this website is the reason I had this thought about selling a couple of programs online.

The main problem with envato, however, is that the company will take 50% of all the sales, which is gross.

Envato you mentioned already.

Digital point forum
Warrioirs forum

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i used to sell digital products but only on my website, but i have created listings of my products on hotscripts and i get visitors from hotscripts. you can try clickbank hotscripts codecanyon etc.

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Envato you mentioned already. Digital point forum Warriors forum


I can't seem to find their commission rates. Do you have any idea about how much they deduct from each sale for themselves?

I am out of touch from them. I think they don't have any deductions.

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But they have various member types for which they charge fee.

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Digital products such as?

^ Take a look at the websites mentioned in this thread, specifically codecanyon, themeforest, activeden etc. Everything they have up for sale is digital products. Mine include items that come under codecanyons' category.