Best place to get an LED tv in Lahore?


yes, there is olx, but I've been told most are Chinese copy on there .

need genuine imported ones, and I don't need ****ty quality . I don't care if people say 'if you're going to watch crap cable on it, then what's the use'

Ive found that a Samsung 40" tv (with tizen os) is around 65k (at display centre) and that's with 15% discount offer. That's criminal. And it's local made , which should be fracking cheaper, but noooooooo, they have to keep them expensive.

Any thoughts on (first hand experience ) where I can get one at an affordable rate ? Don't want to pay more than 40k tbh.


hundreds of shops selling imported tvs on abid market.

New modern Home.. its on the main road, very large banner of shop. its a bit inside, tv showroom is in basement.

there is a Guy named Arif John,.Talk to him for honest purchases advice.

I'd steer away from the abid market. Its all smuggled goods really. Go for the official distributors, or preferably the official retail company outlets.

Thanks farhan and jdk for your advice. I'll Visit new modern home and make an educated decision .

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