Best Place to buy HP Laptops in Lahore

Hi all,

I just want to know a reliable and legit place/shop to buy a new HP laptop with international and local warranty. Someone suggested me myshop but there prices are way too much than the ones that I got from the market. Does HP have any certified dealer of some sort?

I never thought it would be this difficult to get a new HP as every other shop keeper told me a different story about the warranty and asked for a different price than the other.

Gulberg 3 is the best place in Lahore top get laptop.

Official store is in barkat market.. the Biggest fraud and over priced rip off in lahore.

Galaxy has official international and local warranties..what they say will be what you get.. galaxy is highly reputed and reliable.. and their prices are usually lowest.

for burger people, ICS and muaz in the basement of hafeez center are good shops to deal with..