Best phone to buy under 30k

it shoud be andriod, have looked at few options one plus one , note3

it must have atleast lollipop software ,good camera ,fast phone should be able handles apps

need other options to look at

i'm from karachi

If you can find a Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen, it's the best option. In Android world, Motorola is one which works on principle of iOS and iPhone, that is it's all about experience. Camera is good, and it is also water proof (can survive if dipped up to 30 minutes in water, over cetain depth).

Unfortunately, Motorola phones are not that easily available, but since you are in karachi, you have fair chance to get one.

Other options include Samasung Galaxy J7 (~28000 PKR), HTC Desire 820 (~25000 PKR), Sony Xperia Z (~30000 PKR)

Already got it. Bought from they have brand new one's available there

Though i am using one plus one ATM .It is excellent in all expects except that it does not have that much value here in pak and it would very difficult to get it repaired here

U can easily get z2 for around 28k in kqrachi complete. accessories little bit used so that prize tag for z is. Too much ( people in pak mostly buy used cells

If I need any mobile phone then I will search some iPone 4S as I found this very very comfortable for use and great performance as well.