Best online electronic shop site

this is one of best site I've ever visited for comp tech related check it

ok, what is the BEST shopping website (like that is cheap, ships to Pakistan and accepts pakistani credit cards??? (or uses google checkout).. cause dealextreme is a really good website (chinese products from honk kong, with free shipping) but IT USES PAYPAL, and we dont have paypal!!

tigerdirect is too expensive and far away...

WEll there are more like them and many more.

^but they charge a LOT OF SHIPPING to pakistan!! and the products (like fm transmitters, casings) are very expensive..

laptops are good though

Interestingly if Bestbuy ships to Pk. Man they got awsome deals. I bought my recent laptop from them and got it at superb price

Does bestbuy ship to pakistan ??? and also best for shopping electronics and other things

again, problem is ebay used paypal, which doesnt work in pakistan

and amazon doesnt ship everything to pakistan and/or shipping charges are very high if it does

can we buy stuff from ebay and pay with paypal from another country and ship it to pakistan>???? thats possible

@ Armada

not possible, otherwise many people would have been using it!

Check they also features great shopping items in good pricing

My opinion is Ebay and Amazon is best and secure ,Online Internet shopping


Yes you are right it is really very good electronic shop. people want to buy many electronic things so this will really help them.



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any bank in pak providing Pre-Paid VISA Electron cards with an initial balance and recharge online or through their branches? so we can use it online or offline

i hopes not

what are some good& trusted shopping sites those offering huge stock and accepts visa and master cards (not paypal) and also shipping option for Pakistan with low price?????

This is the side which i prefer more because it has almost everything and online you can buy of your own choice so visit this site.

Hi guys,

Just to input my 2 cents here. You can use two services: comgateway and borderlinx to ship your stuff from US to Pakistan. I use these services extensively and the cost is almost 25% of what any other shipment modes would cost you.

It works by providing you a US based address, (shipping within US is usually free). You key in that address while shopping. Once your stuff arrives at their centre, you can pay for the onwards shipment back to Pakistan.

Let me know if somebody needs more info on this. Will be glad to share. :)