Best "off Net" Calling package

Dear WP fellow,

I am planning to buy a new sim. Can you please guide me the mobile network that is offering best “Off Net” calling packages.
Currently, I am using Ufone Super Card, but its bundled with Internet and On-Net calls also.
Is there a solution for off net cheaper calls on any available network.

You can use Telenor’s App for making custom packages for yourself, where you can build packages with just off-net minutes, or with combination of SMS/MBs…

Thanks for your suggestion.
Jazz offers the similar customization,but the price was too high. 1000 off net minutes for 1700/- per month.
What I have learnt sofar is, that no network is offering reasonable ‘off net’ package

I can’t check right now, but if i remember correctly, then Telenor offers 100 off-net minutes for Rs.160. The more minutes you select, the more discount you get.

I’ll give you more details when I’m able to.

Here’s the details i promised (Telenor Customized Offers):

100 min = Rs. 150
200 min = Rs. 260
300 min = Rs. 360
500 min = Rs. 550

For All-Network Calls Only.

Thank you Upsilon for your time and effort.