Best mobile phone for texting

Hi guys.. Can you please suggest me a good mobile phone just for sms texting..

Like having a really comfortable keypad.. thanks

lookup in nokia e series or search in

You haven't mentioned your budget. So its very difficult to tell something. I would suggest you wait for Nokia X2-01. Its about to be released soon. It has a QWERTY keypad and is very cheap around 7500.

the best for sms is nokia 6630

Get a Blackberry.

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Get a Blackberry.

Agreed! I am using a 8310 at the moment and its keypad is the best I have used for a long time.

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However, its really dumb that you have to pay Rs. 1k per month to just use the default browser and email client. RIM needs to abolish this stupid policy or they’ll be history soon. So in case someone is interested in BB, they should get a good used 8310/8320 just for the keypad and use internet with Opera Mini. IMHO, don’t invest much money in BB with models like 8900/9000 etc if you are a home user and dont plan to use Blackberry Internet Service.

any phone with full qwerty keyboard, and your budget will determine the quality of that keyboard, more you'll spend better feeling keyboard you'll get in the phone

around entry level like rs 8k check out samsung corby with full qwerty keyboard

for rs 30k plus many choices out there, since you will be spending big amount so in unrelated note try to stick with android OS based phone, its future safe.

Blackberry good phones but monthly cost is too expensive for something which is not even on 3G and uses obsolete EDGE in PK, and one is forced to use the proprietary network otherwise half the phone is useless without it. so in my opinion big NO NO for PK, as sah is upbeat about BB, dude you should be.... in Canada you are on full 3G with crazy bandwidth so you are enjoying all the goodies, but we desi of PK experience is opposite.

I won't suggest Blackberry for just typing SMS messages. but if you are into regular internet/email user then the Blackberry should be the choice regardless of the entertaining internet features.

Otherwise there are some E-Series devices range in Nokia which also are considerable for messaging.

In fact the Nokia Messaging service could somewhat replace the Email On-The-Go need if you have have any. You would get that in some select devices only.

As you did not telll what is your budget so I will start with low end handsets.

Nokia 1203 is very very smooth and fast in texting and at higher end mobiles, I found e71 the best.

Nokia C3 with QWERTY keyboard just around Rs 12k