Best mobile markete in karachi

I recently moved from lahore to karachi, now want o purchase mobile, can any one tell me most famous mobile markte in karachi?

I guess also depends on where you live as Karachi is Big city, the biggest one is in Sadar though , they have old/new/refurbished cell phones , also there is some presence at boat basin that should fulfill normal needs.

Total of 3 big mobile markets in Karachi.

Saddar Mobile Market - Expect everything. Old, new, used, "bahaar ka set", T-mobile, Orange, AT&T. EVERYTHING

SERENA - Near Sakhi Hasan Chowrangi. Mostly known for used mobile phones, but you'd find new sets too. Plus there is some Zinger burger shop that's apparently quite an attraction.

Zamzama - You'll find every overpriced and over-hyped phone there. Good for getting high-end accessories and sets that aren't easily available elsewhere.

Look around where you live. Your sure to find a number of shops in just about any locality. They're like general stores. Every lane has at least one :)

I'd also suggest Serena, my personal long-time experience their is very good. And the prices & variety is just great.

Sareena Market is the best !!