Best Laptop in price range of 60k?

Friends, i am looking for new laptop in price range of 60,000. It should be at least i5 with 1GB dedicated memory card, 4mb cache and turbo booster. Can I get all these features in price range of 60k? Which brand is best in this price range?

Its really difficult to say which brand is good and which one isn't, as I understand all brand used mostly the same hardware from different hardware companies and they just put them all together and wrap in one laptop casing.

Just do research and check the warranty and customer service which is important for in future if something happened with your Laptop. acer dell toshiba sony has best ratings by consumer reports find one in these with best deal possible

by dedicated 1 gb memory you mean a dedicated graphic card???

anyways here is my suggestion. Its a little out of your budget....but you can easily bargain and get this close to your budget....

also check the market...galaxy and czone for other bargains as well before making your decision...

pls read reviews on before purchasing:



Intel Core i5 2430M (2.4GHz / 3MB)


6GB (1x4GB DDR3 + 1x2GB) DDR3

Hard Drive


Graphics Card

Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 1GB Dedicated

Thanks friends for reply. I have got Dell N5110 for 57K. I think it's the best machine in this price range.

Bro I will suggest you this