Best Institute relating Computer courses in Karachi

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^ Then you have all that is necessary. Taking courses will be a waste of your time and money:

1. Download and install the XCode IDE. Its freely available from Apple’s website and is used to develop applications for Mac OS and iOS.

2. Learn Objective-C since it is Apple’s language of choice. As much as I hate Apple, their documentation is exceptional, so look here:

3. Check out the Apple reference library ( ). They have documentation and tutorials for all kind of Mac OS/iOS related development. Its really your first and last stop.

After that all you need is to sit down and code till your fingers drop off.

Out of curiosity, what is your current level of programming skill? Which languages are you familiar with and how much hands on coding experience do you have? Any projects of significance?


Thnx man its hell of a information, im not a programmer or developerim a simple pc user 2 years back shifted to mac, but hired programmers couple of time for my sales & marketing, accounts software. Im not doing it for being a programmer in market, but i love to become developer for my self. I know im not clear that is y im here to take advice from u guys