Best handset for using EDGE fastest?

hi guys, I want to know which set is best one to use EDGE serivce.

I ve LG shine , compatable with edge but don't exactlly compatable. and cannot make any difference in speed with gprs. i ve checked telenor, ufone , zong edge but no differene. i got conclusion that it based in handset. so recommend a handset.

And what is about class 10 and class 32 GPRS handset?

you have to wait for N78 or N96 for best high speed EDGE

I don't think it is the handset - even where you have a EDGE signal, the cell phone companies don't provide EDGE speeds.

Any newish handset supports EDGE just fine, while there are differences in speed, it's not a large difference.

I have a Nokia symbian phone with EDGE support, and even though I get a edge signal in many places I've never gotten speeds any faster than GPRS (and usually slower!)

but one of my cousion using N73 and getting 10+ kB on ufone

Nokia N95 or a low price symbian nokia 6120 has EDGE class 32 which is the fastest EDGE speed avaiable.

there is not a big difference in class 10 and class 32

class 10 has 236kb speed of downloading if the network has very low traffic

class 32 has 296kb speed of download if network has very low traffic.

so it is the traffic which makes the speed high and low u can even get good speed on 6230 class 10 EDGE which is avaiable 2nd hand for 3000 Rs.

what about 5310 nokia??????

i ve heared that u can receive calls while using gprs on 32 class handset?

any info......

does 6230 support edge?

k790i. I'm using it :P

u can recieve calls even in class 10.

and yes nokia 6230 has EDGE and this fone is one of finest fone in its time.

I have come to the limit of my mobile's maximum speed of 27KBps, and I am pretty much sure that If I had a class 32 set, I would get more speed, even if a little bit, so get at least EDGE class 32 mobile set if you are getting a new one. And try to get one with good HSDPA compatibility too.

HSDPA ? what is this and what to do with it....... is it available in pakistan?

High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is a 3G (third generation) mobile telephony communications protocol in the High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) family and its not available in pakistan and i have used n73 on mobilink edge and only they provide higher speeds like i get upto 46kbyte on it here in walton lahore y block dha and now i also have n95 and same on it too 45 40 kbyte of speed and i always trust on symbian nokia no matter what, i like nokia and ufone edge sucks maximum 12 kbyte and warid edge is somewhat 25kbyte zong they dono what edge is and givin edge lol

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k790i. I’m using it :P

ditto :P, its da best EDGE set at the moment :P

what u say about 5310???????

is it good for using edge.