i want to ask about the best folder-lock software????

Use TreCrype which can be downloaded from follwoing link.

I use Hide Folder Xp...Its A Nice Apps...And Easy Too Use..

Use Folder Locker 5.7. It is good software, locks as well as hides the folder.

There is a freeware utility by the name of 'Microsoft Private Folder v1.0'. Its available on softpedia and you can google for the link.

Or you could try the built-in encryption feature in windows xp pro. Just encrypt the folder and password-protect it.

But if you want some serious locking you can try any one of the software mentioned here:

....hope it helps :)

TrueCrypt is the best. It doenst let you lock folders, it hides them and puts a password on them which is more secure.

You create a file and select its size, then you can put as many files into that file depending on its size. Then you put a password on it and save that file in any drive you want. When you want to open it, you just run the TrueCrypt software, mount the file and enter the password and the contents of that drive will appear in a new drive.

Use can also use PC security

Very Goooooooooooooood

PC Security is really good. Only you need the reg. key

to get the version that can lock folders. I lost mine and

now I use Folder Lock. It is really fancy shmansy, but

really cumbersome and a PITA, compared to PC Security.




Sheikh 'Parday MeiN Rehnay Dou' Chilli

DogarSahab search Pc Security v6.22 or V6.0 and download and then send me the NAME U want to register than I will send U the Serial NO of that.

These folder-lock softwares are different from Windows' built-in security.

Unlike Windows-own encryption; What happens if someone attach harddisk as a slave to another computer? Or start your computer from CD-ROM/Flash based Linux distro? Can't they'll be able to read files of software-locked and password-protected folder?

What happens if Windows got corrupted and you format your system partition and install new Windows. Can you still use same old password to decrypt files?

Any details and experiences will be much appreciated :)

Fe-Aman Allah.

i use lock folder xp 3.6