Best File/photo sharing site

I have tried a few including dropbox, imageshack, Photobucket and mediafire. I think mediafire is most useful, easy to use and unlimited uploads. any comments.

I like Imgur, very simple.

i prefer sites that do not require registration.

^Good luck

imgur never heard of it but will check out.

Imgur and Imageshack both do not require registration. Imagehost was similar but it shut down recently due to operating costs.

what you guys say about this one ?

Flickr from Yahoo or Piccassa from Google are best

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Flickr from Yahoo or Piccassa from Google are best

flickr only allow 200 pic to free users

I have been using photobucket since 2006.... hence my never changing avatar.

I also previous used photobucket but now moved over to mediafire.


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And, I am vice versa. I shifted from mediafire to photobucket as here, I have more options to manage my images, and videos.


Photobucket was bit slow isn’t it ?

Imgur and Minus