Best fibre to the home ISP in Karachi?

There are a number of these ISP’s in Karachi now, all promising super fast internet over fibre.

I’ve found quite a few of them to vastly under deliver on their lofty promises. Heck, the only good ISP I’ve ever had was Maxcom and Cybernet back in the days, as they genuinely seemed to grasp the internet and cared about their customers.

Every ISP these days seems more and more to be an outright money grab with over the top promises and shitty service.

Does anyone have any good feedback on the current crop of ISPs?

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Depending on your data needs and location, you can opt to go wireless with 4G.

Whats the best 4G service for DHA, Karachi?

Stormfiber (cyber net), tes (transworld), fiberlink, multinet and many more are providing services with fiber to home connectivity.

They are far better than the wireless providers as they also procide hd tv via same cable.

StormFiber hands down. Have been using their services since March and never looked back since then. If you choose, go for their Triple Typhoon (10mbps) package which includes HDTV and phone line rent, all three for 2000 pm (plus tax, comes to around 2500). They did offer free installation for certain lock in period (like six months or so, not sure if they do now).

Is there any update on which is the best Karachi ISP in 2020?