Best Digital Camera in or around $160

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What is the best digital camera I could get for around 10-12K brand new. I've looked at Sony S930, Canon A480, Panasonic L7Z and Panasonic DMC LS80GC and couldn't really make sense of their prices. I like the LS80 but L7Z costs more on shophive, even though its 7MP whereas LS80 is 8MP, is there something wrong with LS80? Is their any better camera I could get for this price. I rarely take pictures so I would like AA batteries, it would be less of a hassle for me that way. I kind of n00b when it comes to cameras.

Check these threads.

Thanks, so waiting for deffury's reply as he is a pro in this, I had checked thread 8770 before, and thats how I came to S930 and LZ7, but still not sure about the rest.

I would not recommend any Cyber Shot current S-xxx series. as their Obsolete S-xx series was a way better in results, and not was within that budget as well. Sony started this current series to capture the cheap market with visible higher specs of poor quality.

I am sure it would be good to choose Panasonic over Sony. you should go for LZ7 and again I'd not recommend S930 even on second option.

^What about LS80?

First of all:

. A.A batteries BBAADDDD!!!!!! buy lithium ion battery powered cameras.

. Since all the cameras use A.A, they are pretty much out of the picture.

. Thirdly, check my album in me profile signature, or at the bottom. Most of the Pics were taken in Panasonic FS3. I bought this camera for 10K from the UK during Chrismas.

. Get a camera from the U.S or UK, as its dirt cheap during Chrismas.

. Buy these brands only Canon/Panasonic/Sony.

. Go to your local camera shop and ask models of cameras of mentioned brands, list it here and then we will respond accordingly.

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^What about LS80?

LZ7 is still better than that. only MPs are not the thing to be greater. Optical Zooming level is preferable over the MPs. that gives you much better quality in limited Resolution. but the less Optical Zooming level doesn’t give you good quality in higher (extra resolution)

also consider the Batteries factor above as told by deffury.

I also do not know about the actually prices so that’s good to select a range of the items from the market that suite your budget and and enlist here to to compare.

but I am still not in the mood to recommend buying a Sony’s one. the current S-xxx series (the cheaper ones of them) are not comparable to the ones by Canon and Panasonic in the same budget. Just got a very recent experience with them, so that’s why I am not letting you do that.

Plus if you are getting interest in photography then a good tip for you. Mostly this is not considered as a Tip but that is natural thing in you, needs to be extracted if it is really in you.

“the good hands and a sharp mind are needed as well as a good Camera. you will not get any thing be captured in an interesting and eye catching way by any camera if you do not have any good and quick state of ideas and your hands stability.”

My bad, I left this thread without an answer. I decided last year that it wasn't worth buying a camera from Pakistan, they're old, overpriced and the range available is too narrow. So I'm gonna ask someone to bring it for me from America. I'm an amateur when it comes to digital cameras, heck, I don't even know what aperture is. I know megapixels and zoom and that's it :P

Here's what I'd like in a camera:

1) Ease of use and durability: rechargeable batteries, easy buttons/options, don't want a weak-cased camera, don't need touchscreen either (though it'd be cool), buttons will do just fine as long as they're not messy, and I'd really like a compact form factor.

2) Picture Quality: As far as optical zoom and megapixels are concerned, the more the merrier. The rest I don't know what they even mean. I'm not a big fan of photography.

3) Price: The budget's around $160, maybe a lil' bit more. I just want an easy to use point-and-shoot camera, nothing fancy. I'm using Amazon to look around for prices and cameras, will also look around on BestBuy.

I just found Panasonic Lumix DMC FP3 which costs $151 on Amazon. It has good features but reviews say the touch interface is slow.

I also like Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 which also costs $151 though I'm not a fan of the bulging lens, I guess those are necessary for the 8x optical zoom.

I still have time to decide and I haven't even looked at other companies yet.

have you researched camera of the same price range, if so and you found this to be a better choice then get this.

BTW take some time and my pics on the sig below. Majority of the pics are taken on Panasonic FS3

Canon PowerShot A1000 or 2000is are highly recommended or Panasonic FH 20.their image quality would idealy be same but it depends on your features list. HD is very popular these days so go with panasonic mb.

@deffury: Your pics are awesome but I bet you don't upload all your pics especially the bad ones. How does your camera perform on average?

@Sumair: Thanks for the PowerShot suggestion but they have AA batteries. FH20 looks like the best deal to me too. Panasonic mb?

Canon's too expensive for the megapixels/optical zoom. Guess that leaves me with Sony and Panasonic. I looked at Sony's W330/W350/W370. They look sleek and I guess their user interface would be easier to use since they're Sony. Ease of use is very important in this purchase. So what do you guys think, who has better picture quality and ease of use? Sony or Panasonic?

Go for Kodak Z915...

Perfect camera with fantastic ISO...

No matter what camera you use, you have to take several pics in order to get a best out of them.

During day time the results are above average but during night time you have to change settings often.

But this case is with any other camera, you have to change settings often to get the best result.

Canon cameras are the best.


For point and shoot, I've always found canon easier to use with great pics.

See this link as well:

^Looks like a Canon fan site to me :/

FH20 review by editors and people

@dogarsahab: Kodak Z915 has AA batteries, and is too big.

@KO: Canon seems too expensive, it has lower optical zoom for the same price.

@deffury: I read through lots of reviews for FH20. Its video mode is useless. The format it records in uses way too much space, so I don't think the lower price tag is worthed.

Either I can look towards Sony or some other company or go with a slightly higher Panasonic ZR3 which also has better lens. BTW what's your opinion on Nikon's Coolpix series?


Nikon's CoolPix Sucks Big Time ><

BTW its good to have Vids of large format, youy could use it for professional stuff. Also all Cams have low res vids as well. I use QVGA 30FPS for all my vids, and load it up on youtube.

Hey bro wht did u decides on ?