Best Currency to Invest

Hi All,

Just needed you guys opinion about this. With our currency going down day by day, what are the best 3 or 4 currencies to invest in right now? Thanks


Austrian Dollar Or Canadian Dollars .......

Chinese yuan :)

Pak Rupees

If you don't invest, I don't invest then who will invest here ?

If you have money, invest here in some business. This will create jobs, you will earn money and you will pay taxes. All this will add to economy of the country.

Near to me Gold is the best source for investment.


Company Formation|Swakker|Toddler Cough

yes gold may be best to invest right now, even oil is dangerous coz if economy slows down oil price will drop,

but if u r interested in currency i hate 2 say but indian rupee might b best bet, Chinese r not interested in increasing value of their currency and they hav no incentive to do so,

Well according to me its going to be the currency of Kuwait (Dinar)....

FYI Investing in Gold may seem like the best thing ever, however it is not as simple as that. Gold only gives a huge profit in lakhs if crores are invested in it, investing a couple of lacks in gold give no countable profit. Rember selling and buying rates are radically different.

Australian Dollar !!