Best commercials


here is the youTube link


good, but not the best.

This one is better in my opinion:

what about this one


/\ Sexy :D

angraaz have very ultra sharp mind they can do anything which we say its not possible

i think this is best ever Car Commercial by Hollywood movie director Michael Bay add

^ cool

WTF !!!

nissan commercial , is it real ?

warning SAC ci :D

hey checkin out this one

^ coolllll but it is not car ad ,,,, check out post no. 8

Armada your add selection is nice.

The reason i called it best because.

From the beginining till the end.

the inter connection is superb for the car parts.

Car is basically joining of part like a house where so many things compile and we call it house.

any other adds update me

Hey "mods" or "/\ /\/ /\ /\/\" would you like to change the thread title to make it generic thread for best commercials and not only limited to cars commercials. So one can use this thread for any kind of commercials rather than making new ones.

I was willing to share the following Cadbury ad, I liked very much.

I like the first one. I saw it on supersport channels way back.

Check out these my friends:

Audi R8 (my favorite)