Best comedy movies?

Hey guys can you guys recommend any comedy movies? List down your favorite comedy movies so that i can download them.

Little Miss Sunshine is a pretty good black comedy movie

u can download it from my server

The Pink Panther (2006)

do you like chinese movies? then watch stphem chow movies, they are extremely funny

Kung Fu Hustle

King Of Comedy

The God Of Cookery

Shaolin Soccer


or adult comedies

Good Luck Chuck

American Pie 1,2,3 and so on


I saw Run fat boy Run and Dan in Real Life recently and liked them.

check out more simon pegg and steve carel's flicks

shaun of the dead

hot fuzz >>> AWESOME FLICK

oh man I can recommend dozens of comedy movies. ;p

Scary Movie

American PIE

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Wedding Crashers

Kung Fu Hustle

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Meet the Parents

Old School

Animal House ( Recommended Highly )

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Napoleon Dynamite

watch Death at a Funeral



Sala Sahib, Bau Jee

The Heartbreak Kid (*ing : Ben Stiller) :)

Sohra Tey Jawai

There is something about marry

Best commedy movie of 90s decade

Cameron Diaz

okay the comdies that i really enjoyed are

dodgeball(quiet funny)

big nothing(black comedy and very good)

dukes of hazzard(a lot of fun)

kung fu hustle

any adam sandler movie(quiet good and high budget)

pulp fiction(i know but it is a comedy also)

the big lebowski

snatch(must must must watch)

shaun of the dead(quiet amusing)

run fatboy run

hot fuzz

road trip

dude wheres my car

well there are like a million others but it is hard to remember all at once

I watched Wedding Crashers day before yesterday and laughed so much!! Great movie.

Can someone ecommend some movie like Superbad, not like the American Pie crap

comedies like superbad?? watch "knocked up" but if you have... then do watch the adam sandler movies... go to imdb and search for him... all his movies are pretty funny and really really good(he has the highest grossing comdey movies of all times)... i would also recommend dukes of hazard or dogeball cuz they are really really funny... not the teenage crap...

well brother if you are a comedy fan then watch all the movies in my previous post... they are very very funny


Watch any lollywood movie and your side would start hurting with the laughter you'll get

The irony is, half of them aren't even meant to be funny :)

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Watch any lollywood movie and your side would start hurting with the laughter you’ll get

The irony is, half of them aren’t even meant to be funny :)


DITTO !!! :D

The Pink Panther

Liar Liar

Ace Ventura

Bruce Almighty

Scary Movie 1,2,3,4

Mr. Bean...........................hehehhee

my most fav comedy movie is GODS MUST BE CRAZY

i dont like tha title of this movie

but i love this move

Part 2 is as good as part 1

I lov comedy near to nature

highly recomnded

Good Luck