Best battery for UPS in market

i have 1500 watts ups and wanting to replace the old OSAKA batteries. 145amps each. Any suggestions on which one to buy this time because i have been using them from past 2 years and they only last 1 year and i have to replace them every year. Also, if i can use 200amp battery with my 1500 watts ups?

If your UPS is using frequently i.e every time when power goes off you use UPS, then I would suggest installing battery with low ampacity (AH) so that it could be charge sufficiently when power comes in. Installing a high AH battery would cost a lot initially but you don’t have time to let it fully charge. In mosques where fans run only in prayer times, there we may install high wattage UPS (to run all fans WATTS) and high AH battery (to run all fans during prayer time BACK UP TIME) as the batteries can be charged in the rest of prayer times.

So I would always suggest to people to install a low wattage UPS with low AH batteries for better results and to experience a good service life of Flooded Lead Acid Battery. If a person wants to run more things on UPS, then this is a better practice to install two UPSs, not a big one.

What concern the brand, my experience is that the Phoenics is a good battery in market. Many of my friends install Phoenics and experiencing a good service life. But a good service life of battery is heavily depending on the quality of the charger and UPS. For 12V battery, the max cut-off voltage during charging should be 14.2V and the min cut-off voltage during UPS working should be set at 10.5V. Failure to do so can result a very short battery life. If you don’t have a voltmeter for battery, please install it.

well, whats so special about this phoneix battery?