Best 12 volt 7 Ah SLA battery for small APC UPS

I have two APC Smart-UPS 750 which need new batteries (12 volt 7 Ah SLA). Brands available in Islamabad are Vision, Leoch, etc.

What are the better brands of sealed lead acid batteries available these days (which brands are giving best life) and what are their prices?

prices depend on availability and its not fixed any where

Leoch seems good enough for your purpose..

for such small sized batteries, any decent brand would work for over 1 year easily. recommended, getting atleast 10AH or higher batteries..

APC 750 VA UPS works with 2 batteries of 7 AH or 9 Ah cuz both footprints are same ......... vision, leoch, long, power safe, yuasa, ledo, csb are some of the brands available in market ......... if u r planning to buy the batteries from shopkeeper then do confirm that the battery are genuine and not screen printed or used one ....... if u r procuring it frm a company who deals in batteries thn u r safe ........ but yes price dus matter ........ long and csb are good brands ........ the price ranges from 1500 to 2000 .......

Prices for 12v 7Ah ranged from Rs 1400 ("Long" brand) to Rs 1900. Rawalpindi (DAV College Road) prices start around Rs 1300. Ended up buying four 12v 7Ah "Vision" brand batteries at Rs 1500 each from Blue Area, Islamabad.