Best 1.5 ton (non-invertor) split AC?

Assalam’O’Alaikum folks!

Hope I’m posting in the right forum. My budget is between 45-50k for a 1.5 ton non-invertor AC.

So far, I’ve shortlisted the following brands:

  • PEL
  • Gree
  • Kenwood
  • Haier

In your experience and humble opinion, what brand will give me the most value and ‘bang for the buck’?

I really appreciate your input and/or suggestions. Thanks!

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Err… anyone??


And so on… Many more threads available too. Search! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links Asad; unfortunately, these threads are a few years old which is why I bypassed the Search feature altogether. I needed up to the minute information from people who had purchased units only very recently.

However, I bought a Kenwood 1.5 ton non-inverter unit. Really disappointed with the cooling - it does not work as a 1.5 ton split should. I’m having the guy dismount it today and take it back.

Looks like I’ll have to settle between PEL or Gree.

There is plenty to learn in those links since you are after non-inverter AC.

Why opting for PEL over Haier? Gree is also a potentially good option. Perhaps @farhan_ds or others can guide you better about current trends.

I’ve heard quite a few horror stories about Haier; units leaking prematuraly, water dripping from inside the unit etc. Some folks have said PEL is one of the best to get in Karachi summers. And a few AC guys I’ve spoken to have recommended Gree. How reliable is this last one?

Have you bought one recently if I may ask?

Nope. Only prefer Mitubishi Electric or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries units for personal usage.

Have tried Acson once and it was good too. Haven’t tried or heard much about newer Daikin models for which I have heard mixed reviews.

Also tried Orient units (1.5, 2 Tons) and they work well after some initial hickups (if any) are resolved.

What initial hiccups are we talking about with the Orient?

I bought a 1.5 Kenwood and returned it the next day. Cooling was absolutely abysmal even after 3+ hours. I think it’s a really cheap locally made AC with the Kenwood label. Do you think the regular 1.5 ton split ACs we are getting in the market for under 50k are all refurbished?

Isn’t Ascon one of the more expensive ones, right up there with Mitsubishi?

I wish I could extend my budget but I don’t think I can go beyond 50k for now.

Would you not recommend Gree with full confidence? And you seem hesitant to recommend PEL. Why is that?

Yes, but it is just below Mitsubishi (imported) reputation.

I haven’t used Gree personally but have heard positive things about it. I don’t know about PEL nor heard too much about it. Some units of PEL I have seen installed turn from white to yellow over time due to environmental degradation.

Hey my SG turned from white to yellow but works great!

Hmm, the installers seemed to put everything together just fine. I’m starting to think I was sold a refurbished unit with the Kenwood brand name on it.

I’m now considering getting an inverter, because they are newer and better chances of them being brand new/unused, right?

The only way to ensure you are buying original equipment inverter or not is to buy from company designated distributors alongside proper warranty/documentation.

2 questions:

  • How do I know its a company designated distributor?

  • And how can I tell if the warranty documentation is genuine/proper?

Contact the company or check website for list of authorized distributors in your locality. They will have product with proper warranty and documentation.

I’ve tried that already. Turned up nothing for Gree or PEL.

How has your experience been with some of the other brands as of late?

Haven’t tried many others.

So I got a Haier 1.5 ton inverter. It’s just okay. I wouldn’t say the cooling is as good as the two regular ACs I have which are about 13 years old: a 1 ton Waves and a 1.5 ton SG.

For pure cooling stand point, samsung has much higher cooling output than kenwood or pel.

for long term durability and after sales services, Acson and Mitsubishi are one of the best.

Gree is an all rounder ac with decent price, very good cooling, and a very long hitorical track record… they work in 48Cwhen every other brand fails.

LG is way too over priced… Art cool sucks D on price alone,

In local Dawlance, Pel and Orient are ok… orient older modles were good, but they lost the ball after the DWP group split, and their capillaries often leak without reason… our old orient is fine, our plasma fin orient leaked after 2nd month.

now days Changhongruba is ofering ac in dirt cheap prices, which even if they last over 3 4 years makes up for their prices very easily.

kenwood ac should be bought by those with Bank alfalah cardswhere 0% interest 6 months installments make them seem a good affordable option.

PS: as long as your Haier ac is in warranty, you have nothing to worry about as their warranty service is good. but after that, their parts are very expensive as there is only OEM no aftermarket for them…as long as Haier is working, its very good.

mitsubishi, gree, haier… u can follow order

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