Benefit of paying taxes?!?!?


I want to ask if there is any benefit of paying direct taxes to the goverment? I have to pay direct tax (at source) deducted from my income by employer. Also, like everyone, I have to pay indirect tax for amenties of life like food, clothing, petrol/cng, ptcl phone, mobile phone, internet...

Does my payment of direct tax over last couple years entitle me to any benefits over non tax payer? Free/discounted medical, job/social security, etc? Can I get any waiver/refund from indirect taxation since I already pay direct tax?

Recently, newspaper yet again told how a large number of illustrios parlimentarians don't have ntn and so don't pay any direct taxes despite getting so many perks and previliges from tax payer money which is disheartning abuse of tax payer money.

What is the justification of paying so many taxes if there is no benefit for me over a non tax payer?

Your paid tax doesn't even go to where it suppose to be used and you're talking about benefits of being a tax payer......? Well, in this country, there are NONE what so ever & don't let anyone tell you any different ...... ;)

don't pay taxes... it doesn't help the country! it helps only politicians and their families and if there any money is left, it goes to the "Hijro ki fooj"

//Benefit of paying taxes//

You are fulfilling your duty to the country... Your example does not make sense, many people commit suicide, will you follow them?

If that is not a reason enough, paying your taxes keeps you out of jail for not committing a tax fraud.

"Ask not what your country can do for you — Ask what you can do for your country."

Taxation in Pakistan is, unfortunately, nothing more than legalized 'bhatta' and it doesn't entitles you to any particular perk or privilege except metaphorical lollipops like tax refund (which a common salaried citizen never ever gets back as cash). There is also no form of social security, so to speak, for the tax payers when they loose their job or become disabled, etc. As a tax payer, you have no say in how your tax money is spent. Has a looter ever asked the looted how he/she wants the looted money spent?

The entire taxation regime, as it currently stands, is unfair to the genuine tax payer and would need major revamp to be fair and just for all. Till the time it gets there (not in this life time), you can mollify yourself by thinking of it as your duty to your country.

I agree with asad. Pay tax and pay bribe to them it is mix of legal and otherwise Bhattha. Now people of Pakistan specially Karachi peoples also pay Bhattha to other than FBR.

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This is very disappointing. People who don't pay taxes gets various amnesty schemes at low tax rates to make their black money legal while honest taxpayers are charged high tax just for following the law quietly. :(

Youtube video: Tax-Free Living in Pakistan / Nytimes

Pakistani tax system is very poor I have read the tax system of UK in my studies which transparent system and in that system we can also measure benefit of paying tax but in Pakistan no effective and transparent tax system is present sine 1947..
Many politicians uses tax evasion and does"nt pay a single paisa for tax.
On the other hand a govt employee with a salary of 40000 per month he pays minimum tax of 2900 on his salary per month which not fair,
Even on his retirement he faces a lot of difficulties to recover his life time pension benefits..
As per me tax system of Pakistan is based on might is right....

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Youtube video: Tax-Free Living in Pakistan / Nytimes


Thank you for sharing.