Belkin wireless router for PTCL

I would like to install belkin wireless router on PTCL broadband .How i can set it do i need user name and password or just plug or play

You need to connect the Belkin router to the PTCL Modem, and have Auto Configuration - DHCP in Belkin Router.

Your modem page should be

and your Belkin router will be

Go to your browser and make sure that your Belkin ( has Auto Configuration - DHCP (will be under basic settings). In this way, Belkin will behave like a PC obtaining an IP Address automatically.

Belkin will automatically get an IP from your modem. You also need to enable DHCP in Belkin router so that the PC's can obtain an ip address automatically from the Belkin router.

Make sure to insert a password (key phrase) (WPA2), to protect your router/WiFi from any intruder. This will also be available in your router page ( under 'wireless' settings.

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