Belkin Essential Series Surge Protector w/ UPS


  • Load: 10A-2200-2400W
  • Spike capacity – 4500ampere
  • Surge protection rate: 70 joules

Please observe the above pasted link.
I’ve been using the Belkin SP with my Inverex 2KVA UPS for a few weeks now.
Although yesterday morning I woke up to find the Inverex inverter with RED light on and a constant beep emitting from it.
I took it for repair and cost me 1400rs(the fan etc/batteries were fine, PCB had damage according to the electrician).

Anyway, it got me to thinking if the Belkin had any adverse effects on the UPS’ operation. Is there any merit to this theory?
Should a SP be used with a UPS?
I have since then removed the Belkin Surge Protector(and plugged the UPS directly into the wall socket) but would appreciate some educated and experienced input.

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A surge protector may (if it can) do some good to the load instead of doing anything bad. The real problem is that you can not see or tell how many times it had actually worked and saved your equipment. There is no indication, no measurement of the good work it had done.

Such surge protectors have MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) inside which is the key component absorbing energy from the spikes/surges over a certain voltage level. Once it absorbs a spike, its life is reduced. That is just like a battery - you have a finite life.

I have always seen the MOVs already installed inside Inverex inverters. Adding an external device will not interfere with or harm the load/equipment connected.

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Thank you sir.

MOV (metal oxide varistor) works by shorting out voltage from line to neutral if voltage spike exceeds rated voltage of MOV. If plugged in before a UPS, it would short out the line and neutral to the UPS. Since the UPS uses the neutral from its input as the neutral for the output also (for single output wire UPS), thus surge through MOV on inlet of UPS MAY cause damage to the UPS. I suggest avoiding surge protectors on input side of any UPS which operates on a single wire output system.


Almost all small models of APC (having iron core transformer) use common neutral scheme and there are MOVs at the input.