Beggars Go Tech-savvy In Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's beggars have turned tech-savvy and are using mobile phones to seek alms.

Though the beggars ask for paltry sums - ranging between Rs 10 to Rs 100 - but some Pakistanis are falling in the trap because the alms are sought in the name of God.

"I am a poor man and my daughter is admitted to hospital. If you have faith in God please send me a credit of at least Rs 10. God may reward you and take you out of all troubles," reads a message.

The glorious images of paradise painted by alms-seekers are also difficult for many to ignore.

Muhammad Usman, a businessman, claims he receives up to 10 messages daily. "It is difficult to ignore these messages," Usman told the Daily Times.

Anam Yunus has begun to send money to the unknown callers. "I give the money only in the name of God regardless of who the message sender is," she said. However, she was of the view that beggars should not blackmail people.

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