Beef cuts in Urdu (for steaks)

Here are different beef cuts from a cow.

Does somebody know the Urdu names for these?

Secondly can you tell me from where I can get steak cuts in Karachi? I went to Meat One but disappointed to know that didn't have any and you actually have to order them after which they will get it for you.

Ribs = pasli (from which you make chaamps)

Loins and all kinds of other loins in the pic = puth (pusht ka gosht as in back)

Round = gool gosht (usually attached with or rather hips which has less bone)

shanks (meat in legs) = raan ka gosht

Chuck = usually called gardan ka gosht (neck meat)

I don't know what to call plate, flanks and brisket and don't know where can you find steaks in KHI either as I am in RWP.