Beaware of agents for immigration or student visa!


I will like to inform people wishing to get help from agents for immigration or study visa. Never give your original documents to agents as no embassy or university ask for it but agents will blackmail you for getting more money from your pocket. Every university accept paper from student directly, so normaly you don't need agents help. Agents will put you in very expensive private university/college as they will also get provision from private college/university for giving them a student. This happened to my relative in Rawalpindi by a agent near 6th road( agent agency name include a well know Canadian city). Agent asked orignal documents to make scan copies but later he was asking huge amount like 200 GB pounds just to give back original documents when my relative withdrew application and wanted orignal documents.

So be-aware from agents for immigration or student visa.



Thanks for sharing immigration scam. One should hire their services for only guidance. Rest the job he should do himself.

Yes this is happening in Pakistan in these days, Thanks for giving awareness

the application procedure is pretty simple, students should apply himself so that he/she may also aware of the procedure, and only give ur copied documents, there is no need about the original documents.

Thanks for sharing that real incident.

If some one need helps, he can ask me . I will guide you for free

Else is the websit e

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If some one need helps, he can ask me . I will guide you for free

Else is the websit e


how much you charge for the this consultation or help… ? this service is only for Canada ?

^lol hes not consultant.

he just offered to share his experiences coz he recently moved Canada.

why all scams spout from Pakistan?? lol...

i am also planning to take admission in University of Leeds, UK in this April,May. Hopefully you guys will be with me guiding me through the right paths in this "scamy country"...