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People who eat organic food regularly could reduce their risk of cancer by 25% compared to people who eat less often, reveals an epidemiological study conducted on more than 68,000 people and carried out by a team from the National Institute of agricultural research (INRA). Even if the authors of this work could not establish the cause and effect link of this risk reduction, they put forward several hypotheses to explain it: The presence of synthetic pesticide residues is much more frequent and, when this is the case, at higher doses in foods from conventional agriculture, compared to organic foods rehabcure(.)org/departments/nutrition-therapy/. "All the studies having tested the impact of an ‘organic’ diet on the urinary contents of pesticide residues or metabolites (residues from a molecule transformed by metabolism) are consistent and show their collapse after the administration of a 100% ‘organic’ diet , " emphasizes by Dr. Kesse a french doctor. Thanks

Eat half of plate vegetables and fruits daily.Eat grains one time in a week.Drink pure water instead of sugary drinks.Eat seafood also.Compare sodium in foods.You can eat egg in the morning.Half of the protein in white egg and also vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat than the yolk.Exercise regularly.Protect from yourself from the sun.Don’t smoke.Get a good night’s sleep.

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